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Zakroma Sayan is a young and dynamically developing company from the south of Siberia. In the vastness of Khakassia, we collect, process and pack tea drinks based on Ivan tea, which have been drunk in Russia for a long time. Our assortment includes both traditional Ivan tea without additives and mixed with leaves of oregano, thyme, sea buckthorn, sagandail and pine cones.

We combine the centuries-old traditions of harvesting natural Siberian herbs for the production of drinks and high-tech production on modern automated equipment in accordance with the most serious requirements of quality control, sanitary conditions and technical regulations.

All our products are certified and have passed all the necessary phytosanitary studies, which is confirmed by the EAEU Declarations of Conformity No. D-RU.PA.01.B20334 / 19; No. RU D- RU.АА93.B300712 / 20. The main code of TN VED is 2106 909 809.

Our advantages:

  • Our product is certified and passed phytosanitary control;
  • We procure raw materials in Siberia, far from cities, in ecologically clean natural areas;
  • We make a quality product, all goods are manufactured in accordance with TU;
  • The correct production cycle gave our tea a great taste and aroma;
  • Our product does not contain chemical additives, flavors and dyes;
  • A complete eco-product.

The production process of Zakroma Sayan tea drinks includes:

  • collection in ecologically clean fields in the south of Siberia, far from polluted cities and hazardous industries;
  • evaporation excess moisture;
  • curling on a professional roller;
  • fermentation in a special device, maintaining the required temperature and humidity
  • drying at a relatively low temperature, which does not dry out the tea and retains all the beneficial properties;
  • maturation, which takes 2-3 months.
  • packaging and packaging of goods on an automated production line.
  • quality control passes each package before it gets to your table.

If you are interested in our product, delivery terms and other nuances are discussed individually, we are open for negotiations and cooperation.